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Guardianship in Idaho

Becoming a legal guardian can be a delicate and emotional process.  There are instances where it becomes necessary for a guardian to step in and take care of a child or an adult who is unable to care for themselves.

Dena understands the difficulty of dealing with such a stressful and emotionally taxing family situation and she is devoted to helping you ease and master the legal process so you can concentrate on what matters – Family!

If you ultimately decide you would like to move forward with the guardianship process, you will need to petition for full or temporary guardianship through the Court.

In these cases, a competent and suitable guardian is appointed by the court to care for the other person, commonly called the ‘ward.’ If you have a loved one who needs a guardian, there is often a lengthy and time consuming legal process to resolve the situation.  Hiring an attorney who is experienced with the guardianship process will save you time, money and a lot of headaches and heartaches in the long run.

Who is considered a ward?

  • A child under the age of 18
  • A developmentally disabled person
  • An incapacitated person–a person who is impaired by reason of mental illness
  • Someone with a physical limitation

Who can qualify as a guardian?

The spouse, adult child, or sibling of a proposed ward may be appointed by the court as a guardian; although in some cases a professional guardian may be appointed.

If you are a concerned family member, you need to consult with Dena Moore Law to discretely explore your legal options.

To move forward with the guardianship process, contact Dena today.

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