Idaho Divorce Attorney

Divorce in Idaho

Fewer endeavors are as emotionally taxing as filing for divorce, and at Dena Moore Law we understand this firsthand. If you or your spouse have decided to initiate a split, our firm has the experience and tact to guide you through the process as smoothly and diplomatically as possible.

Everything You Need to Know about Filing for Divorce in Idaho

Dena Moore’s practice area expertise allows her to answer the many questions that you may have while going through your divorce:

  • Who will obtain custody of our children?
  • Will arrangements be made for child support?
  • How will our property be divided?
  • Am I eligible for spousal support?
  • Is an amicable separation possible?
  • How much will my divorce cost?

Dena’s approach is to educate clients on what they need to know before taking on the case in a no-nonsense fashion. Her firm is dedicated to offering a straightforward assessment of all probable outcomes, and standing by clients throughout the entire process that follows. Additionally, because long and drawn out divorces tend to cost much more than either parties desire, Dena’s goal is to settle as swiftly and amicably as the situation allows.

An Idaho Divorce Attorney Who Will Fight For YOU

While Dena strives to settle marital disputes outside of the courtroom quickly and cordially, she also understands that the sensitive nature of each case and the intricacies of individual relationships do not always make this feasible. In these instances, Dena Moore Law is prepared to advance from out-of-court filing and mediation to court room proceedings, where we will stand by your side and represent you with tenured aptitude and proficiency. Dena settles for nothing less than the best.

If you’re moving forward with the marriage dissolution process, Dena Moore would like to represent you. Contact Dena today.

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