Idaho Custody and Visitation Attorney

Child Custody and Visitation in Idaho

Afraid you won’t get the time you deserve with your kids? Or maybe your ex or soon-to-be ex is threatening to get custody of the kids and try to push you out of their lives? Either way, this is an incredibly emotional and stressful time. Dena can help.

Don’t let the other parent keep you away from your own children or try to dictate the relationship you will have with your own kids. Level out the playing field with Dena Moore Law by your side.

There are a number of factors that the Court will consider when determining how custody and parenting time should be shared between parents.  Hiring an experienced custody attorney who knows how to emphasize your parenting strengths while minimizing any weaknesses is absolutely essential. Dena Moore will assist you in identifying all of the factors at play in your specific case, putting you in a position that will result in the best possible outcome for you and your child.

Shared Parenting

Dena understands the difficult situation parents face trying to find a balance between what is best for their child and amicably agreeing on terms for shared-parenting.

In a shared-parenting situation responsibilities for the physical and legal care of the child must be determined. If this can be done amicably without the need for trial, Dena can do it.  Dena has settled countless numbers of difficult custody and divorce cases earning her referrals from other attorneys and Judges on a regular basis.

A Bulldog In the Courtroom!

In rare cases when custody cannot be resolved out of Court and trial is necessary, Dena’s a bulldog. Unleash her and watch her fight hard for your custodial rights!

Dena has represented both Fathers and Mothers for many years and understands that expensive and drawn-out proceedings are not ideal for you or your child. Nevertheless,  should trial be necessary, she is dedicated to fighting for and protecting your right to time with your child – whether this is inside or outside the Courtroom.

Dena has gone up against the best and beat the best – time after time, earning her a reputation herself as one of the best custody attorneys in the State.


Often Idaho courts do require both parties to undergo mediation in cases involving disputes over custody or visitation. Or sometimes parents don’t want to wait for the Court to order mediation and are anxious to see if they can resolve their differences through mediation as quickly as possible. Either way, Dena can help.

Mediation is when both parents work with a neutral third party to see if common ground can be reached. If this can be done, it will ordinarily require anywhere from 1 to 3 sessions with a qualified mediator. It is important to note, mediators do not render opinions or judgments, they simply help both parties to reach a resolution. If a resolution can be reached in mediation, this saves everyone money and a whole lot of contention, making successful co-parenting in the future a much more likely possibility.

A Dedicated and Caring Professional

Dena is a Mother herself and understands that few things in this world are as important as maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with your kids.  Dena also recognizes that both parents play a crucial role in the lives and success of their children. Having personally experienced divorce involving custody herself, Dena is dedicated to helping parents maintain or establish the best possible relationship with their children, both during and after a custody dispute.

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