Idaho Child Support Attorney

Child Support in Idaho

Been served with documents to establish or modify child support? Or need to establish or modify a child support order? Or maybe your income or the other parent’s income has changed and child support needs to be adjusted?  Dena can help!

Child support cases are complex and not something that you should have to handle on your own–especially when a child’s welfare is at stake. As one of Idaho’s most competent child support attorneys, Dena will make sure that you are well-represented while working for a resolution that benefits all parties, and, most of all, the children involved.

What is Child Support?

Child support, at its base level, is financial support that one parent makes to the other in order to support their children. In Idaho, both parents are responsible for the care of a child financially, whether they are married or not. Child support may be court-ordered in many circumstances, including when parents have been separated, during divorce or marriage dissolution cases, or in paternity cases.

How is Child Support in Idaho Calculated?

Child support cases are often confusing and difficult to manage. The calculations used to determine child support are complicated, taking into account various factors including incomes, overnight custodial schedules, medical insurance premiums, tax dependency exemptions, and more.

Utilizing a family law attorney with experience handling child support cases is the best way to ensure that the calculations are done correctly and fairly for all parties involved. Dena Moore has been handling child support cases in Idaho for years and has the experience and attention to detail to make sure child support is done right.

Dena Moore is Idaho’s Child Support Attorney

Dena Moore is an experienced child support attorney based in Meridian, ID right outside of Boise. Dena’s objective is always to keep the child’s best interest at heart, but she also strives to make sure that each parent is proportionally responsible for the care of their children. If you think your child is not getting the financial support they deserve or believe that you are unfairly being targeted in the current child support arrangement you are in, contact Dena today.

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