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Adoption in Idaho

Without the right guidance, adoption in Idaho can be an intensely complicated undertaking. If you don’t have an experienced lawyer well-versed in Idaho adoption law, you are setting yourself up for the potential of an incredibly lengthy and frustrating adoption process. Dena Moore Law can help make the process as efficient and stress-free as possible so you can focus on what should be a joyous occasion.

Dena is experienced in many different types of adoption cases and is prepared to walk you through every step of your specific case.

Different types of Idaho Adoption Cases

Stepparent adoption:

This is when a parent has remarried and the new spouse wishes to adopt the child(ren). While this process need not be complicated, trying to navigate it alone without the use of an experienced attorney can result in many legal obstacles and frustration.

Parental placement adoption:

When a birth parent selects an adoptive family they will need to appear in front of the court to confirm consent before a judge.

Agency adoption:

A private agency or the Department of Health  & Welfare will work to place the child with a family.

Interstate adoption:

In cases where an adoption that requires the child to move across state lines, compliance with certain Interstate laws is required.

International adoption:

If you have adopted a child in a foreign country, you will also want to have the adoption legally recognized in Idaho. It is important to get a Certificate of Foreign Birth for the child in lieu of an ordinary birth certificate.

In Idaho, there are additional adoption rules and requirements for foster parents and other family members, such as grandparents, or other parties who might want to take over care and support of a child.

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